About us


Subtile is a vibrant and friendly space where you can find vintage, mid-century, and contemporary furniture, objects and art.

When you enter Subtile you will be taken on a truly multisensory journey.  You can explore your sensitivity to art through different visuals, sounds, aromas, textures, and tastes inside the space.

The space is a unique and warm place for friends to meet over coffee, wine, or nibbles (to come). 

Subtile can be hired for exclusive events and we will be hosting bespoke workshops or pop-up events soon.  

The thinking behind our design

We wish to bring everyday life closer to art and interior design. 

We promote a circular economy and sustainable objects. We believe that there are already so many beautiful objects from 50s to 80s  and of extreme good quality that still need to last and by share with the young generation. Those objects, mostly upcycled, bring a soul and history in our homes.

That is why our collection is a mix of accessible, affordable, and exclusive brands - you will be able to find the missing piece that completes your interior. We wish to propose niche and established creative designers from the past and present and artisans.

We are a community  

We want Subtile to keep evolving as opportunities and relationships with artists and artisans grow.

If you would like to be part of our community of exhibitors, or if you have an artistic idea for our space please contact us. It would be great to hear from you!

About Catherine


I have developed an immeasurable passion for decoration especially and art in general. At the university already, my flat already surprised my classmates with its layout and the choice of my grandmother's furniture which were totally customized. After 20 years in the financial and fintech sector, I decided it was time to taste the flavors of a new life challenge. I have devoted part of my free time to this passion since last year by creating a "Subtile" concept. I unearth pieces in vintage and art-deco style, from designers or not, but in any case real favorites that will sublimate an interior to make it eclectic and unique. Through this, I have participated in the last 12 months in various fairs and have organized events to share my passion for decoration until I discover this wonderful place that I felt in love with.